New Single «3rd Wave»

This is 3rd Wave the first single that emerged from a bunch of songs that are going to be our new record. A sign of life: Played life in the studio with Martin Wohlgetan of our former band „Empire Club“. Big thanks to Tino Pfundt for filming this holy shit of a fuckin‘ fun!

« New LP HIRTA is out »


Listen here:

Limited to 100 LPs (180g, red-lucite vinyl) with handmade, cyanotype artwork by Klara Meinhardt. Each LP is one of a kind! You can order your copy of „HIRTA“ for 18€ if you’d like one!

Here we present the first single from „Hirta“ called „Ranger“. Thanks to Chriz for the Videomaterial!

You can also buy the CD Version of „HIRTA“. It comes in a clever, octagonal papersleeve with hand-printed, vinyl-style CD.

« All the things machines do for you »


All the things machines do for you is our first EP from 2016. You can listen to the whole Album here:


You can also buy „all the things…“ as a CD or digital download. The CD comes in a folded papersleeve printed with eyecatching colourmadness on the cover and vinyl-style, hand-printed CD. On the backside of the artwork you have the chance to paint by  numbers to find out the secret artwork-hint.

Here we present the second single from „all the things machines do for you“. It’s called „English Way“. The video is taken from the movie „Traumfracht“. It was made by Matthias Geisler and is inspired by the short story „Dream Cargoes“ from J.G. Ballard. Thanks for letting us make a Video out of this incredible footage, Matthias!

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